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Badminton is a sport enjoyed and loved by lots of people around the world, it was first played in a country estate named Badminton in England around 1873, the root of the sport can be traced back to ancient Greece, China and India, and it is closely related to the old children's game battledore and shuttlecock.

The first un-official all-England badminton championships for men were held in 1899, and the first badminton tournament for women was held in the next year 1900. Although badminton was played by europeans in the early days, and once be dominated by Denmark, but the game has become very popular in Asia, there are many top players coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, South Korea and China in recent decades.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF, originally the International Badminton Federation) is the world governing body of the sport, that was formed in 1934.

In badminton games, players use lightweight rackets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth across the net without letting it touch the floor or ground within the boundaries of the court. The game demands excellent fitness: players require aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed, precision and good body motor coordination.

Normally badminton is played by two people as "singles" (one against one, men's singles and women's singles) or four people as "doubles" (two against two, men's doubles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles).

In modern badminton games, players compete in best-of-three-games matches, It consists of 3 games, who wins two of the three games wins the match. A game is played to 21 points, provided that the winner has at least a 2-point advantage. If a 2-point advantage is never reached, the first player or team to score 30 points wins. Points were only awarded to the serving side until 2006, when the BWF adopted the “rally scoring” system, under which either side can score at any time.

This test will check your basic knowledge of badminton game.

Badminton Knowledge Test Sample Questions

Q1. In doubles play, the server must hit the shuttle into the diagonally opposite service court.
A. True
B. False

Q2. The same person serves the entire game.
A. True
B. False

Q3. When does service start?
A. With the first backward movement of the racket
B. When the umpire blows the whistle
C. When the shuttle is placed in position
D. With the first forward movement of the racket

Q4. In doubles play, the first serve for the serving side begins in what court?
A. Right service court
B. Left service court
C. Either service court

Q5. If you are serving and your score is an even number you serve from which service court?
A. Right to left
B. Right to right
C. Left to left
D. Left to right

Answers Are : Q1 (A),   Q2 (B),   Q3 (D),   Q4 (A),   Q5 (B),  

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