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1. What's the Difference Between Assessment Test and Practice Test?  

First of all, they are serving for two different purposes. Assessment Test is for evaluation purpose, it is to test and assess your understanding and knowledge of the topics. Whereas Practice Test is for learning purpose.

Assessment Test does not give immediate feedback, meaning it does show you whether you are right or wrong when you attempt the question, instead it only show you the result at the very end.

Whereas in Practice Test, you are given immediate feedback once you have answered the question, you will know the answer and explanation immediately.

Assessment Tests are timed, and once stared there is a countdown timer, you are supposed to complete the test within the time frame. For practice test there is no timer.

2. Why Do I Need to Sign Up an Account?  

Actually you don't have to sign up an account for using the website system, however there are benefits of doing so.

If you have an account with us, you will be able to save your test and resume practice from where you have left over.

And if there are updates or latest development, we may send to you provided that you have an account with us.

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3. Who Set All These Test Questions?  

The initial questions are set by ourselves, we just want to set a quality standard here, and we are planning to set at least 20 questions for each test at the moment.

Eventually we wish to open it up for every user, so that everyone can set test questions by themselves, we will provide guideline in the near future for what kind tests and questions that we want.

At the moment we are focusing on the current 10 tests or so.

The feature of adding in new test and question are under development, it will be released once it is ready.

4. Do I Have to Sign Up an Account to Practice the Tests?  

No, you don't have to, you can just do the practice whenever you want, no account is required, and however we encourage you to sign up one.

With an account you are able to save your progress if you could not complete a test in one go, and then resume practice when you come back.

With an account you will receive the latest notification when there are updates or changes, you will get the first hand info the quickest way.

With an account, in the near future you will be able to create your own test, contribute questions or apply to be a question controller to earn some extra credits or money (we are planning to pay out money for that).

5. I Have Just Signed Up an Account, but I Still Can Not Log In, Why?  

The registration is a two-step process, you fill up the registration form, key in your email together with some other info and submit. After that you an email will be sent to your email address, inside that email there is an activation link inside, you have to click on that link, to visit a page to activate your account, if everything goes accordingly then you will be able to log in, otherwise anything wrong, you will not be able to login.

So, ensure you received the email after your registration, if you did not receive the email, you may request for a re-send.
If you cannot find the email in your normal inbox, you may find it in your junk box.

And ensure you click the link to activate your account, if you do not click the link, the system will assume that your email is an invalid one, hence it will consider your account is an invalid account.

If after some troubleshooting, you still not be able to log in, you may contact us for support, we will check from our side.

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