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1. New Test Is Online - SEO Knowledge Test - 10 Aug 20  

In this digital age, gigantic amount of online information could only be organized and made accessible with the help of new technologies, and at the heart of these, are the search engines, search engines read all the data online, label them, analysis them, rank them, and at the end present to whoever are looking for them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is to make your websites easier for search engines to do their jobs, search engines bring traffic and business to your websites, knowing the basics of SEO and put that SEO knowledge into work will definitely help you in one way or another for your online success.

The SEO knowledge test is just launched, give it a try and learn the basics of SEO.

2. COVID-19 is Everywhere, But How Much You Really Know? - 25 Jul 20  

These days whenever you turn on the TV, flip through some newspapers or navigate through your mobile set, you cannot escape from the bombarding of the current COVID-19 virus news, and it seems everywhere
It is an extremely serious pandemic the world is facing right now, it infected millions of thousands of people and killed tens of thousands, and the number is still keep on going up. But do you have the basic knowledge of this COVID-19? What are the known facts and what are those things we still don't know? What might be most effect way to keep ourselves out from this corona virus?

Take the COVID-19 knowledge test, and hopefully it can clear some of the air.

3. Exam Your Knowledge of the Badminton Game. - 20 Jul 20  

Watching those professional athletes playing badminton in an intensive rally is so much fun and joy.
The speed, the strength, the fighting spirits, the coordination between partners, the organization of attacks and defences that are full of excitement and surprises.

Badminton is such a fun and interesting game, loved by millions of people all over the world, however not everyone know the rules or guidelines of how the game is organized, or conducted.
Not everyone know when it is a 'fault' or a 'let', not everyone know the odd-left, even-right serving court.

This basic badminton knowledge test will help you clarify some of the doubts, give it a try and see how well you know the game!

4. Get to Know the Language of Business - Accounting! - 15 Jul 20  

Whether you are doing book keeping, transaction records entry or study financial report of a company, or planning to have a career in modern society, or investing in the stock market, it is extremely beneficial to know the common language of the business world, which is accounting.

Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity
It is one of the most fundamental formulas in accounting and finance.

A new test was just launched to help you understand better the accounting theory and principles.

5. New Test is Just Added to The System - 14 Jul 20  

Wondering how smart are you? What is your IQ score? Are you on the top end or just well near the average line?
Take this newly added IQ test to find it out yourself!

40 + questions are in the question bank, and there are more to come in the near future.

Have fun and enjoy!

6. ILoveTest.org Is Online - 11 Jul 20  

ilovetest.or is officially online, It aims to be a quiz platform for all sorts of test, exams, it can be used to create tests, evaluate understanding of knowledge, and a learning by questions tool for students of all levels and beyond.

"To Ask The Right Questions Is Harder Than Answer It."

- Georg Cantor

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